EDMO Distributors and AvMap Satellite Navigation have penned a distribution contract

The pioneer of distributing avionics and installation components, EDMO Distributors, has penned a distribution contract with AvMap Satellite Navigation. AvMap is renowned for developing navigation systems, with the first of a kind being unveiled 27 years ago. The company’s EKP V is a peculiar map display hosted or planted in on a spacecraft. Moreover, customers have the opportunity to top up the equipment with an ADAHRS technology or its advanced type called the A2 ADAHRS. Other products that have characterized the popularity of the company include EngiBOX and Ultra EFIS systems. These multi-operational avionics offer advanced display, navigation, and observatory systems for Experimental and Light-Sport aircraft utilizing the ROTAX power system. EDMO is planning to penetrate the North American market by expanding its business connections.

AvMap’s sales manager, Bjorn Nagelhout, stated that they are excited to partner once again with EDMO Distributors considering their previous involvement in the initial EKP kneeboard rollout system. He explained that their growing product line was requiring the services of a firm like EDMO in the advertisement of its products and other marketing activities. AvMap’s products can be integrated into many systems ranging from autopilot operations, CAS, video cameras, and providing essential weather display services. The company boasts of quality systems and advanced US and European customer support potential. This feature is viable because their systems are not certified by TSO, allowing them to go to extremes to harvest data and improve their technology.

The vice president of Sales and Marketing at EDMO, Jeffery Geraci, observed that AvMap’s production line had grown considerably to offer peculiar value in both experimental pilot and reference and support in circumstantial awareness for certification. Some of the key advancements that EDMO observed include a versatile vision, autopilot features, and crucial add-ons. The company has witnessed versatile changes in the navigation sector and has managed to survive all the waves of changes. It has upgraded its intelligent farming, avionics, and smart devices to attract and grow its market share. AvMap’s location in Italy makes it available for government agencies’ services, rescue missions, and other crucial operations.

On the other hand, EDMO Distributors is happy to be in service for the last 50 years, garnering a reputation in providing aircraft components, test equipment, installation systems, pilot tools, and wires and cables. The company has never failed to offer the best alternatives when the market products have proven to be defective and less efficient, making it stand out among the other companies. The company executives explained their supply of quality products in what has kept customers and earned their loyalty.