Momentus and Pixxel agree to enter a deal for the Second Satellite deployment

Momentus and Pixxel have come to terms to develop the second small satellite for Pixxel and deploy it to the SSO orbit aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket at the end of next year. Nevertheless, the two agencies have the opportunity to deploy the payload in 2022 if technical challenges arise before the launch of this mission.

Pixxel is developing a group of satellites for optical imaging to obtain valuable data across the globe concerning various aspects. The purpose of the agreement between Pixxel and Momentus is that Momentus Shuttle Service will give Pixxel rideshare opportunities for its upcoming payloads heading for the low-Earth orbit.

Pixxel came into being last year courtesy of Awais Ahmed and Kshitij Khandelwal. The two decided to develop the company to deliver data concerning agricultural performance and climatic changes. Pixxel has garnered $5 million, which has been instrumental in developing its second satellite’s facilities and deployment with support from Momentus. The company hopes to attract more funding and receive more rideshare opportunities for its incubating projects.

Awais Ahmed, one of the founders, expressed his excitement to partner with Momentus, hoping to deliver the first payload for its customers in secure proximity. He added that they wish to witness a good display by the company in servicing its upcoming rideshare missions. It has proved itself in the space industry, capable of delivering these services. Awais hopes that they can explore the low-Earth orbit through the services of Momentus.

The chief executive of Momentus, Mikhail Kokorich, admitted that Pixxel is a startup that any company would love to team up with considering that they are doing great innovative work in such a short time. Mikhail added that it would be sad to lose such a worthy company from the space industry since the company shares in the objective of people venturing space with the available infrastructure and development projects. 

On the other hand, Momentus has been expanding significantly since its formation three years ago. In its growth process, Momentus has garnered several customers beginning from commercial space agencies like NASA to the space industry pioneers like SpaceX. Momentus is happy to help Pixxel to also get on to its feet the same way it gained its reputation through the help of other companies.

In conclusion, Momentus utilizes new technology like water technology for propulsion for its upcoming space vehicles. Some of the cars include the Shuttle Service module and Charter Service prototype, deploying payloads to space and offering rideshare services to startup companies like Pixxel.