Satellogic’s 11th satellite lift-off to Earth’s lower orbit

Great news as Satellogic confirms reports of another spacecraft launch from Guiana Space Center via a Spaceflight Inc. procured inauguration. The NewSat Mark IV satellite reached the Sun-synchronous low-Earth path aboard the Vega rocket launched from Arianespace.

The spacecraft received the name Hypatia, a well-renowned astronomer, ideologist, and mathematician in Alexandria. A little bit of history, she was famous for her life as a renowned teacher, wise advisor, and iconic women’s rights activist, the precursor to our modern-day feminist movement.

Satellogic remains the pioneer company to create a scalable platform for Earth Observation with the capability of remapping the world at both high frequency and resolution.
Hypatia incorporates a sub-meter multi-spectral camera and a 30-meter hyper-spectral camera after the successful launch of NewSat Mark IV into the orbital path. Satellogic integrated new systems into the NewSat Mark IV satellite to serve the needs of the company’s advancements in Earth Observation capacities. Once successfully commissioned, Satellogic plans to make available the new abilities to current clients.

The iconic inauguration of NewSat is a clear demonstration of Satellogic’s adaptability to different deployment systems and launch rockets. The space mission offers the company chance to experiment with the sub-meter mapping technology. Currently, Satellogic’s butch of satellites continues to remap the Earth with high resolution, in addition to the company’s low-cost offering, unlocking more potential applications for many industries. Upon fine-tuning sub-meter imaging, the company seeks to push down the cost incurred in performing high-frequency geospatial data analytics. 

Gerardo Richarte, Satellogic Founder and CTO, said that the company is fully responsible for every satellite’s design and manufacture; this offers a chance for the teams in Research and Development to validate upcoming technologies in each launch. The company incorporates new products into every generation of satellites, advancing the goal to achieve new space.

Satellogic and China Great Wall Industry Corporation worked together to launch two spacecraft back in January. Satellogic owns 11 satellites, drawing the company nearer to its vision of using a satellite constellation that seeks to provide weekly, high-quality planet remaps at a different standard for market accessibility and affordability. 

Stephane Israël, director of Arianespace, said that rapid and aggressive research and progressive efforts are vital to achieving the space industry’s advancement and general development of humanity. Satellogic’s satellite is anticipated to provide data to help attain increasing demand for the company’s data analytics services and other solutions to serve Dedicated Satellite Constellation clients in 2020. In conclusion, Satellogic’s demonstration of resilience, persistence, and adaptability is a remarkable drive to deliver high-frequency and high-resolution remap imagery.