The Pentagon studies reveal that China is developing anti-satellite weaponry

At the beginning of this month, Pentagon gave a press statement outlining how China is designing missiles and electronic arsenal that can blast satellites in low and high-Earth orbits into pieces. The Defense Department of the United States submitted a report detailing the capability of China to wage space war through its military weapons. The report states that China has a ground facility where it develops missiles that can pursue and knock out space apparatus like satellites no matter their position above the Earth’s globe. 

DoD had the task of filing this report as early as two decades ago but was adamant about doing so since it lacked adequate evidence to support these allegations. The Pentagon views the idea of China’s military troops utilizing their capabilities in space and the denial of the same privilege to their enemies as the new space war. The report details China’s incessant efforts to widen its military space prowess while sternly vouching against the militarization of space. 

Nevertheless, China is yet to make a public acknowledgment of the allegations leveled by the US concerning its space weaponization, saying that it is only responsible for pulling the trigger to scatter its weather satellite thirteen years ago. However, the DoD report exclaims at the steadily expanding militarization of China’s space facilities and programs. Some of the so-called threatening programs include space surveillance systems, navigator space robots, kinetic-retard missiles, and the Earthbound lasers.

Key electronic weapons that the DoD is talking about include focused energy weapons, cybersecurity systems, and satellite signal compacters. These weapons are what the Pentagon has received submissions about detailing that they are countermeasures in case China’s space resources come into conflict with those of another country. The report articulates that these Chinese resources would observe an approaching enemy satellite or spacecraft and send alert signals to its weaponry servers to send out a blinding and deafening reply before they strike their enemy.

The report adds that China’s growing space industry is the likely propeller of its advancing anti-satellite weapons technology. The report notes that the satellites, space vehicles, detectors, and moon systems that China is developing are a worry to the international community since they are preparing to be the leading nation or superpower in space activities.

Finally, the report seems to focus on China’s developing space capabilities. There is a likelihood that the other countries are feeling threatened by China’s prowess in advancing their space industry. For this reason, the developed nations are trying to chicken out China so that it can slow down on the expansion of its space resources.