India’s space exploration firm Pixxel announces that it has raised $5 million for its space activities

An Indian space exploration startup Pixxel revealed that it has been able to raised funds that will help it deploy a group of satellites, which are crucial in its study of the Earth operations from space. Various Indian firms came in full force to support this firm and raise funds needed for it to start operations. Some of the firms that came to its aid include Inventus Capital, Lightspeed India Partners, growX Ventures, and Blume Ventures. Key notables whom their contribution is worth mentioning include Stanford Angels and Ryan Johnson, who played a role in the development and acquisition of Blackbridge by Planet. Pixxel revealed that Johnson would become one of its directors.

After garnering this stupendous funding, Pixxel will be widening its quantity of engineers and technicians in its facilities and also expand its operations to meet the deadline it set for the launch of its satellites. The chief executive of Pixxel, Awais Ahmed, explained to SpaceNews that they must widen their operations in their facilities in Los Angeles since moat of their customers who require earth-imaging services live in this region.

Ahmed stated the primary objective of Pixxel is to create the desire for various firms to consider monitoring their daily activities from space. Additionally, Pixxel is developing a mechanism which will enable its customers and potential consumers to understand the images that will be sent to them with just one click of the mouse. 

Pixxel has prepared its cubesat and will be ready for deployment via the famous Russian Soyuz rocket in the coming two months. The other satellite it will be deploying will be next year as a rideshare mission via SpaceX’s Falcon 9 spacecraft.

Pixxel is adamant about divulging any details concerning the quality of images it will be transferred to its customers after gathering them through its constellation of satellites. The founders will oversee the success of the firm since they have been working on this project for a long time. The two co-founders have vast knowledge concerning space exploration and operations, especially after their space science projects in the science fairs, they attended winning awards. To conclude, Pixxel is among the shortlisted firms which receive support from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Maxar Technologies, and Lockheed Martin, among other firms. The firm is happy to learn from these notables and use their experiences to make educated judgment calls.