The strategic approach to space exploration and development is integration says White House

There is a report that has recently been released by the National Space Council. In the report, it states that there is need for collaboration among NASA, government agencies and partners whether international or commercial when it comes to space development and exploration. Its release date was July 23 and was done by White House. The A New Era for Deep Space Exploration and Development report’s focus was outlining the roles that various government would play to make things such as human missions to Mars and human return to the moon possible. Each agency could help in different ways in the implementation of the national space policies.

Nevertheless, the report also states that NASA will be the ring leader of all the civil space explorations as far as the United States Government. However, that does not mean that other agencies don’t have roles that they can play in the same. As a matter of fact, they are trying to enhance the old policy and more so the Space Policy Directive 1 which focuses so much on a successful return to the moon. There is also the book which focuses on the peace across the space domain, the 2018 National Space Strategy.

In summary, the report focuses on taking people to Mars, the possibility of humans returning to the moon and commercialization of low orbit activities. The government has five major roles if this is to be a success. They include promotion of a space that is secure and predictable including coming up with regulatory reforms and managing space traffic. Secondly, it needs to support space’s commercial activities and fund not only researches but also developments of major technologies. In addition to that, they ought to invest in private space infrastructure and promote scientific activities related to space.

It is not about changing the existing policies but rather reinforcing them so that space exploration can go to a whole new level.

The request of Mike Pence has clearly been granted. The chairman of the National Space Council who also serves as the Vice President made the request back in August 2019. That was during a public meeting held by the council. Within 6 months of the report, the space council staff had already finished it. However, there was a need to involve other parties including NASA for an even better report. As far as the officials are concerned, that was a great move and they love the results that followed.

According to the report, they hope that a time will come when humans will develop space and settle there. However, for that to happen, there is need to advance.