Africa is likely the dominant continent in the global renewable energy industry

Focus has shifted to Africa after various countries transitioning out of coal energy. The GWPF is eager to influence Africans to use fossil fuels. This agency released a report narrates how electricity is a security problem for Africa. This move by the agency is crumbling Africa’s switch to renewable energy. 

One of Kenya’s citizens notes that the coal-fueled climate is disastrous for the people in Northern Kenya. The counter-climate regulations for which GWPF is championing are the primary causes of storms, droughts, and global warming that are disastrous to the region’s inhabitants.

Coincidentally, GWPF is now faking to be the saviors of Africa, and yet they are targeting Africa as the new market for the coal industry. Another conspirator in this move is European petrol producers who discard their dirty products in the African markets.

The GWPF report is a creation of Geoff Hill, who has worked before as the Australian newspaper. Hill is spreading propaganda about climate change because he is uninformed on matters climatology and energy regulations. Three academicians are buying into this report, and here is why. The three, Dr. Jacob Masiala, Dr. Samson Bada, and Dr. Rosemary Falcon are all affiliates of the Clean Coal Technology Research group at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg.

Africa will never prosper if it falls into the trap of the traditional pollutive energy proponents. Africa must jump into the current trend of clean, renewable energy to thrive in this ever-changing world. Below is an outline of how to achieve this mission. Africa has adequate wind, sun, and geothermal energy facilities compared to other areas on Earth.

Wind and solar energy are the cheapest energy forms worldwide, efficient, and more reliable than fossil-fuels. Africa can start by developing mini-grids and wind turbines to meet citizens’ energy needs in remote areas. This move will ensure that Africans enjoy electricity before the installation of mega power grids and turbines. Africa must understand that coal energy will only worsen the existing climate crisis and do away with it.

African governments are slowly getting the gist after their leaders set aggressive goals in the Paris climate. This move made the more prosperous pollutive nations rethink their plans to avoid embarrassments. Nonetheless, Africa is proving its ingenuity after establishing the Noor solar power farm in Morocco. This farm is currently the largest worldwide. Africa can contribute 40 percent of solar power globally. Hopefully, the leaders should amass the right knowledge and implement it to ensure Africa dominates the global renewable energy industry.

Finally, Africa needs to shovel unreliable agencies like GWPF to cut out the negativity. African governments should educate and train their youth to work towards the achievement of clean, renewable energy economies.