The Northcare Renewable Energy is just a Ticking a Box, according to David Jenkins

The Northcare Renewable Energy has a proposal of changing the technology used in the Northcare facility. The shift is from gasification to conventional movement grate combustion. There is the permission that existing in the facility to move issued in the year 2019. However, the technological change proposed needs a new planning application for submission.  David Jenkins, the former Wiltshire councilor who resigned last year, said that the company is trying to tick a box as community involvement with the plans it has for virtual meeting this Tuesday.

The councilor said that he does not think the Westbury community and the surrounding environment realized the implication on the town if the application approval goes through. For the people who will live in the town will have it rough to accommodate the incinerator. The incinerator has some implications for human health and the surrounding environment. Some of the association includes smell, dust, air pollution, and flies.

Also, there will be more people moving in to add to the community that currently lives in Westbury; thus, the development of new houses leads to congestion in the town and the nearby community. Some homes will be very close to the incinerator that leading to health risks. The Northcare Renewable facility’s application has arranged to have a crucial meeting this Tuesday so that each partner of the public who is a registered member can see the presentation and the questions that affect them asked through email and any other social media. 

He added that in his opinion, it is a cop-out; the question asked in social media and email does not take public participation. Northcare Renewable Energy takes full advantage of the ongoing lockdown regulations that fit their ends. The question has a tick box on the form that plans application, which said they have an excellent application with the community. The meeting will be evidence that they have done. The community that lives within and around the Westbury area needs to have a public meeting or have permission to the application reach the town council department of planning agenda.  

The applicants need a chance to discuss the application in totality. I cannot stress to the community the importance of the incinerator. More than a hundred members are determined to take place in the survey that needs to speak face-to-face to the incinerator’s applicants in front of the camera.  When the lockdown ends, the meeting will take place with ease.