Audi will be conducting an exhibition of the project it is working on in 2024

Audi is preparing a task force to champion the transition to and developing electric vehicle technology and battery manufacturing. On the other hand, Volkswagen is observing the Artemis project to understand the technology of manufacturing space vehicles. Audi is working towards the launch of an electric sedan in preparation for the exhibition of the EV technology. 

The starting vehicle to be launched in 2024 will imitate the design of Audi A9 e-Tron. The Artemis Project will showcase the various electric vehicle designs that the EV industry can copy or improve and develop a better version. 

The 2024 Artemis project will introduce innovative designs and high-speed models while separating itself from the Volkswagen Group’s development programs. Volkswagen intends to develop and launch over 75 new EV models by 2029.

The new Audi chief executive Markus Duesmann says that the Artemis project is the firm’s idea to deviate from bureaucratic and develop high-tech designs from which they can learn. He explains that this program will not put the implementation of the existing projects in harm’s ways. 

Autocar reveals that the Artemis model is an advancement copying the 2017 Audi Aicon design car. This model features the new battery technology and the latest drivetrain. The vehicle intends to showcase Car-to-X communications and 5G GPS connectivity. 

Audi Aicon design has neither a steering wheel nor a foot pedal and is capable of covering 400 miles in a single power charge. Autocar reports that the Artemis project will also copy AI: Trail 4×4 design and the AI: Race electric sports car and come up with an extradite vehicle. 

The director of the Artemis project Alex Hitzinger is the right person for the job noting his previous laudable leadership in the Volkswagen Group’s autonomous driving group. Other Hitzinger works include heading the modification of the Porsche’s Le Mans 919 LMP1 car, Red Bull Racing in Formula 1, and the electric car project called Project Titan. 

Autocar speculates that A9 e-Tron will challenge Jaguar XJ EV and Mercedes-Benz EQS. The car will have an A7 outer body and an A8 cabin design. This model combines the aspects of AV and EV technology. 

Finally, one of the essential partners in the Artemis Program is VW’s new Car. Software organization to fix the critical software in the model as well as the operating system. Volkswagen intends to create a new operating system and software utilities. This move comes after the firm experiencing problems with its software platform. They will be collaborating with Audi to develop a secure software platform.