Electric Vehicle shakes up Reaches Indian Market

The EV market has finally reached India. India’s auto market is already crowded as it is. However, a significant concern is the level of emissions that the country faces. According to figures in emissions, India’s total emissions grow at rates faster than its population.

Measuring the country’s emissions over an extended period revealed that India produced an equivalent of 20.54 billion tons of CO2 making up half of the total global emissions recorded being 36.5 billion tons 

To combat massive emission levels, the Indian government has come up with plans to recover the automotive industry. Experts believe that EVs are the answer to the nation’s predicament. 

Among the numerous options for EVs in India are three-wheelers and two-wheelers. India has the potential to use this frontier and develop electric three-wheel vehicles. As the market stands, there is a lack of mini electric vehicles for crowded areas. India, as a country, is one of the most densely populated countries is 406 people per km square. 

The country has an existing automotive industry. Yet the industry is not world-class in operations. India’s auto industry is known for its low level of quality in vehicle manufacturing. However, the industry needs to upgrade its levels to register better models capable of withstanding more demanding situations 

Three-wheeler makers will need to be able to come up with highly reliable vehicles which will change how the market does look at three-wheelers. The market image of the shabby looking, lowly designed as well as low-end ragtag three-wheeler will need to change, with the growing one million-plus the annual vehicle production segment. The modern OEMs will need to work with design houses to be able to invest with the beneficial thermal management system as well as an efficient drive train on the performance side. Also, an essential factor when it comes to Electric Vehicles is safety. This move is going to make the difference between ordinary as well as a world-class product. 

What does this have in store for the Indian market? India hooves to regain itself as a significant player in electric transportation. The company works to place itself as a hub for transportation. However, in other to achieve this, the country has to improve it’s products considerably. 

Products need to be reliable and durable. Because the products are a crucial part of daily consumption, the industry has to streamline it to ensure that the best product reaches the market