SK Innovation is hastening the initiation of operations at its EV battery facility in Georgia by recruiting employees

SK Innovation revealed its plan of recruiting over 1000 employees by the end of next year in the preparation to start operations at the company’s newly acquired electric vehicle battery center in Atlanta. The company revealed that this is its first step to ensure that Georgia becomes the biggest center for electric vehicle battery production globally.  

SK Innovation crossed the 60 employees mark this year, where most of them are administrative officers, engineers, technicians, and specialists in the various fields of production. These core employees will help lay down strategies to ensure that the other employees go through proper hiring procedures and procure mostly skilled employees for the efficient continuation of operations in the facility.

SK Innovation has so far managed to develop the frontal structures and foundations for the second plant of Georgia’s company. This new facility in Georgia will combine efforts with others to ensure they produce enough battery cells to fit over 200000 electric cars.

SK Innovation announced that the other projects, like the one in Jackson County, are making crucial steps towards the turnaround of the area to become a hub for clean energy vehicles. Commissioner Pat Wilson of the Georgia Department of Economic Development added that the facility would create over 2000 employment opportunities once its full potential becomes visible.

Pat Wilson expressed his gratitude to all the partners who facilitated employees’ training to ready them for absorption into the facility under development in Georgia. He reiterated that the project proceedings in Georgia would activate industrial development in the area and accelerate the creation of jobs through clean energy projects like electric vehicle production.

SK Innovation stated that its electric vehicle plants at Georgia would create employment for the people in this area and raise their living standards. Additionally, the other upcoming projects will create more jobs in the next three years while realigning the region to adopt electric vehicles and minimize emissions from the ICE cars.

Commerce Mayor Clark Hill stated that Jackson County and Commerce projects would activate economic growth in these areas while creating jobs through the battery manufacturing projects. In conclusion, SK Innovation will be collaborating with QuickStart and Lanier Technical College, which offer employee training and technical education to people to ensure they are ready for absorption into the electric vehicle battery manufacturing factories. SK Innovation chief executive Jun Kim reiterated that the training would make the employees viable for jobs in the coming transition to clean energy, especially in the auto industry.